Failed: President Trump and the Leadership Principle Debacle

18363488-18363488Observationally, at least in California, buses and other service vehicles must stop at railroad crossings regardless of a train approaching or not. They also stop regardless of having passengers aboard or not. In addition to stopping, they also open their entrance door once they stop. I learned that opening the door is required so the vehicle operator can listen for a train, despite the crossing rails not being activated or lowered.


There have been times when I was driving behind such a vehicle and found myself frustrated because it seemed to stop unnecessarily, slowing me down. There are some train tracks near my home that are clearly inoperable, but the buses and service vehicles still stop and open their doors. There is no way a train could access the tracks, but they still stop. As a person driving my personal car, I am not required to stop. I have even figured out how to move to the open lane so I am not stuck behind a bus or service vehicle that is mandated to stop.

The racist and bigoted comments of President Trump are the epitome of leadership breakdown and recklessness. As the President of the United States, he is obligated to stop when and where others are not required. As the ultimate leader of the Nation, he is required to exercise caution because passengers are on board. He has proven to be arrogantly reckless countless times. Even if he thinks the tracks are inoperable or there are no passengers on board, as the leader, he is still required to stop. 


This is a principle and premise that applies to all leaders. Leaders are required to exercise a disposition and decorum that is a model for others to follow. The racist comments of president Trump about Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador are deplorable. The worst part of his comment was his elevation of Norway over African nations, Haiti, and El Salvador. The elevation of desire for Norwegian immigrants is a message of white supremacy, white superiority, imperialism, and Eurocentric hegemony. Trump has blown the leadership principle multiple times and it cannot be ignored or glossed over.

If a bus driver is legally required to stop at the inoperable railroad crossing, clearly the President of the United States is required to monitor his behavior. However, I am thankful that Trump revealed the true essence of his heart and soul. A person is not required to know that they are racist to be racist or to harbor and foster racist ideas.

Ammar Saheli

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  1. Marcia Broussard

    Amen and thank you!!! Nuff said.

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