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Not Doctrinally But Culturally

The last two days have been an emotional whirlwind and a revelatory experience. The Church of Christ in America might not be fully identified with Evangelicalism doctrinally, but it is culturally. This was a hard and even embarrassing revelation for me to embrace. What is happening in America regarding race, racism, white supremacy culture, and white supremacist action is beyond disturbing. Related to race relations in America, I live in a constant state of outrage. It does not mean I am out of control or off-balance, but as a Black Christian preacher, husband, father, educator and more, I remain concerned.

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Churches of Christ: A Call to Prophetic Fire

Will the Church Speak?
As Churches of Christ, how do we collectively respond to the terrorism and hypocrisy that cuts through racial lines with tremendous force? We witnessed terrorism, insurrection, desecration, and chaos around and inside the State Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Where is the prophetic fire of the church? It does not have to first be a message to the world; where is the message to the flock? How is the man of God within Churches of Christ systemically helping members understand these times from a deeply coherent biblical discourse? I am not too fond of the phraseology, but we hear a lot about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the secular world. However, know assuredly that the radical concept of equity is Biblical. About David, the Bible says, “…David reigned over all Israel. And David administered justice and equity to all his people” (2 Samuel 8:15 ESV).

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Dat Holy Spirit Life

A 2020 Biblical Youth Investigation
By: Zion Saheli, Dream Hudson, Jason X. Heard, Khyla Gaston, Aaron Featherstone,
Hannah Jefferson, Samari Nash, & (Dr. Ammar Saheli, Class Teacher)

This essay, written by a collection of Northern California Christian youth during the COVID-19 – year 2020 pandemic, is designed to provide a brief, yet intimate look at the connections and inner-workings of the Holy Spirit. The Christian youth connected to this essay engaged in a seven-month study of the Holy Spirit and they are sharing their results with you. Enjoy! A special word of thanks to all the participating youth and the parents that made it possible for them to attend and engage.

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