Michael (Big Mike) Brown (A Ferguson Narrtaive)

I have been silently in reflection about the Michael Brown death at the hand of a Ferguson police officer. The situation brings back previously inflicted traumas of deep injustice and pain. I do not know the facts, but the thematic fabric of yet another unarmed Black male murdered must stop. I intended to write and say more but the heavy burden makes the simple stroke of a keyboard too weighty with bewilderment, pain, and a lack of hope for true systems change.  One thing is clear, the value of Black life is highly undervalued and the Black family and especially the Black male image (regardless educational or socioeconomic status), is feared under virtually every context.

One journalist stated that American society needs to reset and reconcile back to its base for resolution in the current Ferguson situation and our clumsy ways of dealing with racial injustice. However, when we assess our Eurocentric influenced American base and its historicity, it starts with the brutality of first the Native Americans, followed by the ultimate enslavement/Maafa of my West African ancestors on American soil. Thus when we trace our American roots, from race-based perspectives, it starts with animus toward dark skinned people. The conscious essence of phrenology and physiognomy has not stopped. In the USA we do not have a productive racial baseline to which we can return. As long as Black people have been on American soil, when has there ever been a pure time of appropriate social treatment of Americans of the African diaspora? It has never existed.

Lynching, police brutality, segregation, educational denial, financial oppressions, experimentation, and other forms of Eurocentric hegemony have always been part of American infliction toward Native Americans, people of color, and especially African Americans. The best we can do as a nation is work relentlessly, authentically, and boldly to build a society that is free from racism, oppression, and social injustice; three things that have been fixtures of America since its colonized inception. What this nation needs is something it has never had and we must be honest about that reality.

 To act as if we can go back to a time that was — or a time in America where we existed under racially diverse peace and equity would simply be other-worldly.

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